What is the normal penis length?

What is the normal penis length?

This question absolutely certainly worried any man. According to the study, the length of the penis in the excited state is on average 5.20 inches.

If you still have questions about how long the penis is for the female sex or to convince yourself that the size of your body is the norm, but keep looking.

What results have several studies shown?

The number of participants was about 15,000, and here are the results: Only 5 out of 100 men are more than 6.3 inches long. And they also found that 5 out of 100 men have an organ less than 3.9 inches.

Some researchers have concluded that the penis can be of different lengths under ordinary conditions, but the length can be the same when excited.

Does size really matter in sex?

This is probably the main question that a man does not rest: whether the partner will be satisfied during sexual intercourse and whether they themselves enjoy. Due to the size of the organ, some men are insecure even in their sex lives, which can lead to psychological disorders.

A survey was conducted among women, where the result was as follows: both for one-night sex and for long-term relationships, women chose an organ of 6.3 inches, and a girth of 4.8-5 inches is an average response among 75 females. In addition, women commented that the main thing is not the length of the penis, but its  .

Psychologists have concluded that the opinions of men that their body is too small do not correspond to the indicators. Not a single man who had a concern about this problem, his body was not really short and they should not use male enhancement pills or male enhancement supplements.

Is there an opportunity to penis enlargement?

Urologists may recommend enlarging the penis at a size of 3 inches in an excited state. Before choosing a magnification method, you should consult with a qualified doctor. Perhaps you have a psychological problem that can be solved by visiting a psychologist, without surgery.

Incidentally, this is normal if the length of the penis decreases with age. From 60 to 70 years, about 0.5 inches can be lost in men. In addition, excess weight can lead to a decrease in the penis, which is why doctors advise maintaining a healthy body not only for good health but also for active sexual activity.

To conclude, you are advised to think positively for male enhancement:

  • think about the best parts of your body;
  • do sports to maintain a healthy body;
  • do not compare yourself with others, because in reality, no one is perfect.

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