What does influence penis size?

What does influence penis size?

Is it possible to predict an erected length of a penis while its flaccid state? In the middle of the 20th century, William Masters and Virginia Johnsons wrote a book called ‘Human Sexual Response’, where they reflected their research, which they made for the first time in history. They also paid attention to the myths, which were popular these times.

Myths and how to avoid them

The first myth, which people claimed to be true is that the lengths of the flaccid and erected penis are always different. It isn’t but it can be the truth. There are two types of men. First one is men whose penis length difference in different states is less than 4 cm. They’re called showers. And the opposite, it’s more than 4 cm, then these men are called growers.

Recent research found out the truth about physiological, lifestyle and other factors which are able to predict these lengths. There was a study, where 274 men with erectile dysfunction took part it. Men measured their penis length in different states. They had to have prostaglandin E1 injections in order to get a male enhancement to achieve an erection. In the end, they found out that the difference was about 4 cm.

Other factors which were supposed to influence penis length while it’s erected:

  1. Smoking;
  2. Different types of diabetes;
  3. Radical prostatectomy in the past.

But the results show that it doesn’t make any influence. The only important factor which can influence penis enlargement they’ve noticed is age. They found out younger men experience more difference in penis size while flaccid and erect states without any male enhancement pills. It might be the result of physiological changes which are likely to occur during the years.

Associations and do they work

There’s nothing to do with penis enhancement because researches even couldn’t find any factors, which would influence penis length, so any male enhancement supplements are useless. Well, scientists say it was one of the first researches and that it still needs to be redone to find these factors and find out the truth. Actually, they also say that these differences don’t influence normal life, so it’s more about genes and nature. In one word, there’s nothing to worry about! Moreover, many women said that the length of a penis isn’t really important and that men are too worried about it. So, just keep calm and wait for new research which will reveal all the secrets.